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Wait for it…

You’re supposed to tuck it under the waistband.
boner time

Carl Winslow

My favorite map is the the Rachel’s Cafe map, where you have to save Eddie from a bunch of thugs with the help of Bwuce Lee.
Carl Winslow

Swim Team

workaholics swim team


Screaming Sheep

I don’t like sheep, but this one is a-ok in my book.

That sucks


MANLY MAN STUFF: Magazine Self Defense

I will never look at my Highlights the same ever again!!! Beware people with early 90s fashion sense complemented with bad hair!!!

HOW NOT TO: Drink A Flaming Shot + Put Yourself Out When On Fire

Is this guy brave or is he just a stupid idiot? Answer: It doesn’t matter because his friend possesses an amazing hot pants dance as well as a fantastic frantic scream.

Bad Lip Reading – Twilight

I’ve never watched Twilight, but if it’s anything like this, maybe I should.

ALL TIME TOP 3: Buddy Cop Movies Where A Cop Is Forced To Partner Up With A DOG Of All Things!!!

3) K-9: Jim Belushi. Nuff said!!!

2) Turner & Hooch: Don’t be mad at your boy Turner. Hooch got you a date with the vet chick even though you wear briefs homie!!! HO DAMNNNN!!!That dog really drankin’ beer!?!

1) Top Dog: He don’t even look like a cop dog!!!
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That sucks

soccer fail